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BCCN - Official site of the "Border Collie Club Nederland".
"v.d. Schapenhoeve" - Dutch site of Hans and Greet Abbink where can be found all kind of information about e.g. the border collie.
Schaapskudde Haaksbergerveen - Dutch site with all kind of information worth knowing around the flock "Schaapskudde Haaksbergerveen".
d'Ambrises & Whitemooreborders - Dutch site of Ron Rogaar en Caroline Visser - Bordercolliekennel en (sheepdog)trainingscentre.
Raad van Beheer - Official Dutch site of the (pedigree)registrationcouncil for the dogs.
ISDS - International Sheep Dog Society.
Bordercollie-startpagina - Dutch 'linkportal' with a lot of links to bordercollie sites or related to bordercollies.
Schapen-startpagina - Dutch 'linkportal' with a lot of links concerning sheep and/or breeds, sheepflocks.
Lamadoption - Dutch site of the "Schaapskudde Haaksbergerveen" at the purpose: the possibillity to adopt a lamb, supporting the herd.

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