Like I wrote at the homepage, "Once you're affected with the bordercollie virus...." so, we got another dog 'Nala'.

We bought '(d'Ambrise's) Nala' from Ron Rogaar and Caroline Visser which we found via the website of BCCN (BorderCollie Club Nederland). There was just one pup(bitch) left and therefore we were also the last persons for choosing a pup. But..., we think with Nala it took out really great. She was the dog were we felt for the most as she was about 6 weeks. Caroline said that, strangely enough, the most people get the dog they innitialy want.

Nala, out of the combination Roy(Pero) X Gwen shown on the pictures below, is a threecollored border collie with her ears standing. She has a nice open character and..., as Sem found out, a real spirited bitch who can take care of herself really well.
Furthermore information about Roy(Pero) and Gwen, you can find at the website d'Ambrises & Whitemooreborders from Ron Rogaar and Caroline Visser (

Foto: Roy(Pero) [N.H.S.B. Bijl. G-0-2175812 / ISDS: 208607]

Foto: Gwen [NHSB:G-0-2594804 / ISDS: 265913]

At the beginning Nala pulled very much towards Sem and liked to challenge him by taking his toys. Also with letting out the dogs it was quite handy she was pulling towards Sem because in that way she stayed close to Sem. When calling Sem she came along immidiately. Rewarding this, she learned very quickly coming to you at calling. Of course a lot of work still had to be done.



Nala at her favorite spot, on top at the back-rest of the couch.

At the age of 5 months I let Nala caryfully "snif" at some sheep of a smaller kind of race in order not to impressive her to much. Afterwards, I doubt if it mattered because the minute she got eye on the sheep, they inmidiately were closed in at the fence by instinct and some sheep which breaked out were driven back into the group where she putted hold on them. After 5 minutes I called her back to me because she has enough impressions at that time to sleep on very well. As she was 7 months old, I tried it again and still the same. So..., it was okay with the interest at the sheep and therefore I had good hope for the future on where it comes to herding sheep.

It's generally known that the race border collie is one of the most intelligent among dogs however, there are always some who exceed the rest of their race. Nala teached herself 'MS-Office'in one week and she is sending her own mail now on the boss's laptop.

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