Puppies born out off Nala X Shep.

Sunday 4 januari 2009, puppies born from Nala, sired by Shep ("Velvet Flames Shep v.d. Schapenhoeve"). It's a small litter (only three sires), but they are beautifull pups (in our opinion) but more important..., they are all in good health. For some first pictures look further below at this page.

Studbookname: D'Ambrise's Nala
callname: Nala

Nala is a nice three collored Border Collie and at the exterior examination she's got a special note concerning the nice 'tan'-color. She is showing very much talent at the sheep and works with the big flock on regular base. As on today no trial-experience.

Results Nala:

Hips: HD-A
Eyes: Free (PRA, CEA, etc.)
Functional exterior: Satisfactory
Aanlegtest: Good

NHSB: G-1-2609131
ISDS: 285507
Pedigree Nala, click HERE...


Studbookname: Velvet Flames Shep v.d. Schapenhoeve
callname: Shep

(Source: www.schapenhoeve.nl)
Shep is the first son in Sable color of Numa (Manderian Dream Maker). Shep is working whith great passion at the flock.

Shep is born out off the combination Tess x Numa. Shep has a great hip-result, eyes tested definitive free and above all a great character. Therefore Shep is used as studdog with full confidence.

Results Shep:

Hips: HD-A (Norbergresult 35)
Eyes: PRA,CEA, etc. definitive free (tested october 2008).

NHSB: 2414158
Pedigree Shep, click HERE...

Furthermore information: check out the site mentioned in the source at the top of this text.

(Foto: Shep 'eye-ing' at a goat. What do you mean by, macho....)


Pups from Nala x Shep (week 7)

3 x sire (all the pups are sold).
(See "Photoalbum" for more pictures!)

>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (day 1)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 1)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 2)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 3)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 4)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 5)
>> Photo's - pups from Nala x Shep (week 6)

All the pups are getting a (registration)chip and will be provide with;
- Dog-passport & health certificate
- NHSB pedigree registration
- Purchase contract
The pups get there vaccinations, three times medication against worms and they will be socialized at home.
If you want to see the pups, you can make an appointment for a visit . Contact-data, see menu-item 'Contact'.

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